This board is closing in on 12 years old.  I think I bought it in 2000 after coming home from 5 months in Australia and realizing how badly I wanted to hit the slopes.  In terms of technology, there have been a lot of advancements since the Salomon W5 came around, but not having tried any, they mean nothing to me.  This board floats on top of the powder like a surfboard.  When I first bought it, it was too big, too wide.  But I have grown into it and I know everything about it now.. when it will slide out; when it will float; how sharp the edges are; when it needs a wax; the feeling of it hanging off one foot on a chair-lift; how tight I can corner in the trees…

Looking forward to snow. Plain and simple.

Today’s run. Lots of hills!

Tough and tired Mudders.

Tough mudder brekkie. (Photo by smerdop)

New pizzeria in our hood! Can’t wait for it to open. (Photo by smerdop)

BBQ Mackerel (Photo by smerdop)